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Private, family-owned Group ever since its inception, Sonepar, B-to-B distributor of electrical products and related solutions, is supported by a network structure that mobilizes specialists in each sector.

At the Annual Meeting on May 27, 2016,  Sonepar has been transformed in SAS type of legal entity (Société par Action Simplifiée - simplified joint stock company).

A family-owned private shareholder base

Sonepar's family shareholders and future shareholders are closely involved in the Group and are encouraged to become intimately acquainted with its business activities. Shareholders are active members of the Boards of Directors of group operating companies and regularly attend  Shareholders' meetings and other Sonepar events. They actively support the growth policy pursued by the General Management by accepting a conservative dividend distribution policy.

The Steering Group and its Committees

Composed of figures from the business world, family entrepreneurs and executives with historical roots in Sonepar, the Steering Group meets at least four times a year. It uses reliable reporting tools to examine the Group’s performance.

The activity of the Strategy Committee, chaired by Frank H. Lakerveld, the Audit Committee, chaired by Christian Maurin, and the Nominations and Compensations Committee, chaired by Michel Bon, lays the groundwork for and feeds into full Steering Group meetings. Special emphasis is placed on the internal control process adopted by the Group and applied in all countries where it operates.

General Management

The General Management is composed of Philippe Delpech, the Chief Executive Officer, François Poncet, the Chief Financial Officer, and Dave Gabriel, the Chief Operaing Officer.

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