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Private, family-owned Group ever since its inception, Sonepar, B-to-B distributor of electrical products and related solutions, is supported by a network structure that mobilizes specialists in each sector.

A family-owned private shareholder base

Sonepar's family shareholders and future shareholders are closely involved in the Group and are encouraged to become intimately acquainted with its business activities. Shareholders are active members of the Boards of Directors of group operating companies and regularly attend  Shareholders' meetings and other Sonepar events. They actively support the growth policy pursued by the General Management by accepting a conservative dividend distribution policy.

The Board of Directors and its Committees

Composed of figures from the business world family entrepreneurs, and former Sonepar executives, the Board of Directors meets at least once each quarter. The Board examines Group performance with the help of reliable reporting tools.

The work of the Audit and Remuneration Committees lays the groundwork for and feeds into full board meetings. Particular attention is paid to the internal control mechanism adopted by the Group and applied in all countries where it operates.

General Management

The Sonepar Executive Committee (SEC) is the Group's executive body headed by Franck Bruel, CEO of Sonepar. The SEC defines the strategic focus and objectives for Sonepar in concert with the Executive Chairman, Marie-Christine Coisne Roquette, and shapes its future direction.

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