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Sonepar's Structure


  • Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette: Chairman
  • Henri Coisne: Honorary Chairman
  • Michel Bon
  • Henri-Paul Coisne
  • Stéphane Coisne (permanent representative of Sovemarco Europe)
  • Denis Gonseth
  • Frank H. Lakerveld
  • Paul-René Lambert
  • Christian Maurin
  • José Maria Pena-Rich Möller
  • Olivier Verley (permanent representative of Colam Entreprendre)


  • Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette: Executive Chairman


  • Franck Bruel: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • François Poncet: Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Patrick Salvadori: Southern Europe Region President
  • Johan Verbeek: Northern Europe Region President
  • Dave Gabriel: North America Region President
  • Keith Moss (Eugene Wu from March 2016): Asia-Pacific Region President
  • Herbert Willmy: Executive VP Global Sourcing & Services
  • Jochen Moll: Group Chief Digital Officer
  • Florence Schlegel: Group General Counsel


Southern Europe Region

Patrick Salvadori, President / Eric de Lencquesaing, Senior VP Finance

  • Belgium: Alexander Dewulf
  • France: Benoît Pedoussaut
  • Italy: Carlo Mazzantini
  • Romania: Dan Georgia
  • Spain: Luis Arconada
  • Strategic Operating Area South America: Hervé Salmon (Brazil, Peru, Chili)

Northern Europe Region

Johan Verbeek, President / Andros Neocleous, Senior VP Finance

  • Strategic Operating Area Central: Stefan Stegemann & Holger Heckle (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxemburg)
  • Strategic Operating Area Nordic: Anders Nordlöw (Sweden, Norway, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latonia)
  • The Netherlands: Jan Ferwerda
  • United Kingdom: Ian Stewart (Routeco), Andrew Percival (Mayflex)

North America Region

Dave Gabriel, President / Mark Pedro, Chief Financial Officer

  • Canada: Francois Anquetil
  • Mexico: Urcesino Palacios Barro (Sonepar Mexico) & Camillo Kuri (Vallen Proveedora)
  • Strategic Operating Area Central America: Urcesino Palacios Barro (Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago)
  • USA: Halsey Cook

Asia-Pacific Region (to find out more click here)

Keith Moss, President (Eugene Wu from March 2016) / Jérôme Baniol, Senior VP Finance

  • India: Raja Sivaji
  • Strategic Operating Area China: Yuxiao Xu (Mainland China & Hong Kong and Macau SAR)
  • Strategic Operating Area Pacific: Matthieu Raffestin (Australia & New-Zealand)
  • Strategic Operating Area South-East Asia: Alex Cheang (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam)


  • Valérie Four: VP Group Financing
  • Karin Lejay: VP Consolidation & Reporting
  • Jean-Luc Meurisse: VP Internal Audit & Risk Prevention
  • Olivier Mombert: VP Chief Controller Group
  • Vincent Roussin: VP Group Communications


  • Michel Gautron: Group VP Tax & Insurance Manager
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