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Adapted Logistics

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At the heart of the electrical sector, Sonepar seeks to improve the quality of the distribution value chain.

One objective: to facilitate exchanges with its suppliers and customers.

An expert in information and product flows

Sonepar fully leverages new information technologies in its quest to achieve this objective. We have taken steps to simplify the processes of ordering, billing and delivering goods. The expertise Sonepar has acquired in managing information and product flows is highly required by all players in this sector. The know-how that Sonepar professionals have acquired and share enables other players to focus on their added value.

Top-level performance: a daily challenge

Delivering all products and services on time, where they are needed and in the desired quantity…this is the triple challenge that Sonepar meets on a daily basis for every single one of its clients. High-quality employees and effective systems enable Sonepar companies to offer customers efficient service levels backed by in-depth knowledge of the business. These structures, of different sizes, offer professional clients the combination of high-powered logistics systems, information technologies and distribution infrastrucures that they need to succeed in their own business.

Efficient supply support

Thanks to Sonepar’s ongoing efforts to develop its network of storage platforms and branches, customers have access to truly local service. The density of the network is an advantage for manufacturers too, enabling reliable, efficient and targeted distribution of their products.

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