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Close to our customers

Around the world, we make life easier for our customers by responding swiftly and effectively to their needs. Whatever their business, our aim is to deliver the solutions best suited to their projects.


We assist over a million B-to-B customers in getting their jobs done. Every day, we strive to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost, scheduling and advice.

Customer-centric We are passionate about our customers’ projects and contracts. We offer them hands-on local service grounded in lasting interpersonal relationships with our 44,500 associates who work at the 2,800 branches of our 167 operating companies. 

Available We meet customer requirements through cutting-edge logistics. We place a premium on product availability and fast, reliable delivery. That eliminates the need for customers to stock materials and lets them focus entirely on the job at hand.

Service-oriented We are constantly expanding the range of services we offer. The latest in new technology regularly enriches our advisory, engineering and training service and our tailored logistics solutions.

Innovative We develop innovative solutions, both at our branches and through our applications and webshops, to optimize the customer experience.

Our ability to save customers time and money is probably why so many of them consider us their partner of choice. 

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