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To achieve operational excellence

The Sonepar aim is to become the preferred on-line supplier for its customers. As customer demand patterns change, Sonepar is ready to evolve at the pace set by the true e-conomy and  to meet these demands in easy-to-use business processes. Sonepar wants to achieve operational excellence, by integrating on-line shops with business systems, and allowing customers access to 7x24 self-service tools in which they can look for product information or check product availability by themselves.

To increase the level of customer service

Sonepar contemplates e-business as one additional tool to support the business. It shows already higher levels of customer satisfaction and quality of service. The group is maintaining and even increasing the level of personalised attention to the customers because sales force focus more on customer demands than on process. In on-line shops, performance is constantly monitored to achieve the maximum efficiency and guarantee the lowest response times.

To integrate e-procurement

Industrial OEM and MRO accounts benefit from multiple forms of end-to-end system integration, enabling e-procurement from their business systems and having Sonepar as one integrated link of their value chain. Each customer is unique and, in order to determine the best solution, each case is handled individually.

To make contacts easier

Most of Sonepar companies are conducting a sustained level of on-line activity. To know more about doing business on-line with one of the Sonepar companies, please contact your account manager or your local branch, and an on-line coordinator will assist you.

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