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Key Accounts

Only one wholesaler of reference

"National Key Accounts" are customers multiple-sites that want guaranteed sourcing of electrical equipment in several of the countries in which Sonepar operates. For many years now, Sonepar companies have been working to meet their needs.

A dedicated team and synergies

To service these companies, Sonepar has set up the Sonepar International Key Accounts Group (SIKA). This committee was given the task of improving customer service through increased communications and the sharing of experience. Key Accounts benefit from the synergies extracted from exchanges between Sonepar’s operating companies.

Added value

In the maintenance sector (MRO/OEM), many industrial groups are now focusing on one key distributor: Sonepar. The reason? To reduce their own storage needs and cut down on the number of suppliers they use. By standardizing product ranges and implementing e-procurement solutions, clients can streamline their own costs.

Customized services

Sonepar is "the Reference" for these international players. Because its presence extends over the globe, Sonepar can provide its customers with electrical equipment solutions designed to meet their particular requirements and expectations. Master agreements have already been concluded with Philips, Dupont de Nemours, Bombardier, St-Gobain, Alcoa Mining,etc.

Members of Sonepar International Key Accounts committee (SIKA)

  • Ulf Böing - Coordinator Sonepar Key Account Committee
  • Karen Rösler - International Key Account Back Office
  • Michael Grünert - Key Account Manager Cluster North Europe
  • Jean-Cyrille Verspieren - Key Account Manager Cluster South Europe
  • Patrick Delbaere - Sonepar Belgium
  • Frank Reichow - Sonepar Deutschland/Austria/Czech Republic/Hungary/Luxembourg/Switzerland
  • Thierry Barreau - Sonepar France (Installers)
  • Orazio Comisi - Sonepar France (Industry)
  • Sean P. Leahy  - Sonepar USA
  • Jose Luis Kuri Con - Sonepar Mexico
  • Patrick Mattei - Sonepar Canada        
  • Manuel Esteban-Infantes - Sonepar Iberica
  • Matteo Michieli - Sonepar Italia
  • Wim von Rixtel - Sonepar Nederland
  • Joakim Nasman - Sonepar Nordics  
  • Anna Trojan -  Sonepar Poland
  • Dan Georgia - Sonepar Romania
  • Andrew Bennett - Sonepar Asia

For further information abourt SIKA, please contact us.

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