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Offering value-added service

Every day and in all 44 countries in which we operate, we go all out to be more than just an electrical products distributor. We value and nurture partnerships with all our customers. 

We leverage our multi-channel distribution network and our powerful logistics to optimize our supply chain, price what we sell as competitively as possible and come up with innovative responses. Because every customer and every project is special, we constantly adjust our solutions so that we can offer a complete range of services that distinguish us from the competition. 

Convenient and available

At our branches, online, via mobile phone and in our showrooms, customers can access our offers anywhere, any time. Our aim is to be the e-commerce standard-setter and deliver unmatched customer experience through both digital and physical channels. Depending on the country, we can deliver anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 products from our distribution centers in under 24 hours to whatever location the customer chooses.

Tailored relationships and advice 

Key figures: 2,800 branches, plus a physical presence at over 1,000 customer worksites, that handle up to 5,000 items in stock

We have steadily increased our geographical coverage and improved customer service by renovating and revamping our branches. 

Online solutions for placing order around the clock, 365 days a year

“Our digital transformation is an ongoing process.” Jochen Moll, Chief Digital Officer

We have developed webshops and special apps in every country to make product searches and ordering easier. 

Innovation-based assistance

We guide our customers as they design their projects and help them make the right choices. To display the latest innovations, we have many showrooms focused on areas like decorative and architectural lighting, home automation and energy efficiency. In addition, we take part in trade shows, sometimes even staging our own events.

Case study: Technische Unie exhibition boat in the Netherlands

This boat travels the Dutch canals for six weeks, anchoring in some twenty towns and cities. 75 suppliers of over 125 brands have joined Technische Unie in this unusual project, which presents innovative solutions to three market needs: smart homes, smart buildings and smart workplaces. Over 5,000 customers “visit” the exhibition boat each year. 

Case study: The Sonepar Innovation Lab in Germany

A truck  with an innovation lab on board rode all over Germany, making a total of thirty-three stops. Over 5,000 Group associates, suppliers and customers were thus treated to digital experiences demonstrating Sonepar’s ability to anticipate upcoming developments. The Lab’s multimedia content showcased a wide variety of innovations, from smart homes to e-mobility and from interconnected systems to Industry 4.0. 

Powerful logistics 

Tailored solutions

Logistics are one of our core capabilities. Our large, automated distribution centers (30,000 m2 on average) harness the latest technology to provide next-day, flawless delivery.

Customers get to choose from among a variety of delivery options:

  • Standard delivery—at their premises, worksites our local Sonepar branch
  • Coordinated delivery to fit their schedules and reduce their storage costs
  • Tailored delivery via night-time load lock chambers, secure containers and direct delivery to specified locations on large construction sites
  • Kitting solutions that allow customers to receive several components in a single kit to ensure orderly, efficient assembly

Key figures: 110 distribution centers, 1 million order lines per day

Integrated supply service

To meet the special needs of a number of manufacturing customers, we deploy integrated solutions spanning supply, procurement and storage management. We can take the place of a customer’s logistics department or supply chain, both guaranteeing that quality and performance targets will be met and reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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