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Sustainable development

Our approach to sustainable development is designed to facilitate the energy transition and limit the environmental impact of our business.

Sustainability is part of our DNA, and we favor concrete action to achieve it. Committed to the long term and to decent treatment for all, our family shareholders work to make healthy growth a reality. 

Year after year, our Group steps up its ecological commitment by encouraging responsible initiatives on the ground. All those actions are conducted under the BlueWay banner.

BlueWay: the Sonepar sustainable development label

Blue is the color of our logo, the color of our planet, of water, of an electric arc. Way suggests a specific mindset shared by all our associates, as well as the road to be taken. BlueWay initiatives are conducted by the Group and its subsidiaries around the world. They are aimed at customers, suppliers and all Group associates.

The BlueWay approach rests on five sturdy pillars: being a socially responsible company, taking care of team members, offering a set of eco-efficient products and solutions, limiting the Group’s impact on the environment and complying with the law. We encourage creativity and the sharing of good practices to help achieve those goals.

Being a socially responsible company

We take countless initiatives on the ground to serve nearby communities. 

In India, for example, staff members have put on a play and held drawing contests to raise local school children’s awareness of how they can save energy and protect the environment.

Taking care of team members

At all our locations, we are deeply committed to safety, training, making the most of people’s qualities, encouraging personal growth, promoting well-being in the workplace and embracing diversity. 

In Belgium, where Sonepar’s new head office was designed to maximize workplace ergonomics with natural lighting and sound-proofing, well-being is a primary concern. 

Offering a set of eco-efficient products and solutions

We give precedence to “greener” new technology that helps save energy. At the same time, we develop a range of relevant consulting services like energy audits. 

In the Netherlands, the Technische Unie Webshop informs customers of a BlueWay alternative to every product on offer.

In France, Sonepar and partner firm Greenflex can offer customers energy audits, modeling, the provision of “eco-energy” equipment and energy use monitoring.

Limiting the Group’s impact on the environment

We train sustainability experts and offer educational opportunities for staff and customers alike. The Group’s most recent buildings meet such demanding standards as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). 

In Germany, the new building for Sonepar Information Services uses geothermal power to heat and cool office areas, while the IT servers have their own separate cooling system, and there are also systems for tracking all energy flows. 

Complying with the law

This commitment underpins our values and Governance Charter. To ensure compliance, we engage in extensive preventive action and provide appropriate training. Find out more about legal issues and compliance

Energy & Sustainability Weeks

Every year, Sonepar holds a two-week, Group-wide sustainable development event, involving hundreds of innovative initiatives, to promote the use of energy-efficient products and solutions. In every country, conferences, customer seminars and training for associates raise awareness among customers, suppliers and associates on saving energy and recycling. And since 2016, the ESW Awards have rewarded those initiatives with the greatest originality, impact and duplication potential.

Case study: The Inspiration Center at Technische Unie, Netherlands

The Inspiration Center is a showroom and training center devoted to sustainability. It serves as a showcase for all the technology available today for making buildings practically energy-neutral: solar panels, hybrid power systems, zero-energy homes, LED lighting and more. The Center is a place for channeling advice from experts who are independent of manufacturers, a place whose goal is to guide installers through a welter of available options when they need to equip an eco-efficient building. Energy neutrality will be one of the biggest challenges in the years to come. And we want to be at the forefront of the energy efficiency drive.

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