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Integrity and Compliance

Complying with legal and regulatory requirements is a challenge we meet in all 44 countries where we operate. But we do more than that, because integrity is a key concern for Group associates.

“Compliance is everyone’s responsibility at Sonepar, every day and in everything we do.” Philippe Delpech, CEO

A culture of integrity 

Abiding by the law and business ethics is a central value at Sonepar. 

In concrete terms, it means launching actions and creating tools for the various Group entities around the world so that integrity and compliance with rules become a daily focus for our associates on the job. 

A Code of Conduct has been issued to the Group’s 44,500 members, most notably via an interactive mobile application. It spells out the responsibilities in this area for Sonepar and its subsidiaries.

The Group has launched educational and information campaigns to build awareness of compliance issues among all associates, particularly those in contact with customers and suppliers.

A robust legal compliance and anti-corruption program

Sonepar has put in place a compliance program to address the growing complexity of laws and regulations in the 44 countries in which we operate.

A Compliance Guide appended to the Code of Conduct provides detailed compliance rules to be followed. It is updated and enriched as regulations evolve over time. 

Sonepar also publishes a series of guidebooks on such topics as competition law, fighting corruption, export controls and data protection. Since France’s Sapin II Act came into effect, highly concrete e-learning courses on corruption have been put in place.

A Whistle-Blowing Procedure, expanded in 2018 to cover the entire Group, gives anyone the means to report any practices that violate Sonepar’s Code of Business Conduct and ensures the confidentiality of the information conveyed by the whistle-blower. 

Click here to access the whistleblowing tool: 

Governance Charter Code of Conduct Compliance Guidelines 


 Whistleblower Procedure


A far-reaching risk control system

A Group-level Chief Risk Officer is responsible for preventing compliance-related risks and guaranteeing information, data and personal security. He leads a process for mapping out those risks country by country, supported by oversight, monitoring and plans of action.

The ISCC (International Security Competence Center) is in charge of information security. The Center updates the Group’s security policy and makes recommendations. Cybersecurity training programs are held in all Group countries.

The SILCC, or Sonepar International Legal and Compliance Committee

The SILCC deals with long-term legal compliance and contributes to the Group’s operational excellence.

Meeting twice a year to discuss major legal issues, the Committee promotes the sharing of good practices. Twenty-two “Compliance Champions” maintain constant oversight in the countries for which they are responsible, encourage initiative and seek to uncover any compliance issues that may arise.

The Corporate Board committees

The Audit Committee, the Appointments and Compensation Committee and the Strategy Committee assist with corporate governance, acting in support of the Corporate Board and the Chairman. Each one represents a mix of advisors and family shareholders, and they all strive to uphold the Group’s ethics.

The Audit Committee:

  • Christian Maurin: Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Hubert Coisne 
  • Nathalie Coisne
  • Stéphane Coisne
  • Maria Gotsch

The Nomination and Compensation Committee: 

  • Patricia Bellinger: Chairman of the Nomination and Compensation Committee
  • Christophe Lambert
  • Olivier Verley

The Strategic Committee:

  • Frank Lakerveld: Chairman of the Strategic Committee
  • Henri Coisne 
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