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Requirement to Suppliers


In its more than 30 years as a key player in the electrical equipment industry, Sonepar has been one of the most active supporters of suppliers. Its support goes well beyond distributing supplier products, and extend to enhancing their innovations and product range.

In the same vein, we ask our suppliers to join us in showcasing Sonepar’s businesses for the benefit of our clients. The group serves a pivotal role in improving overall technical product quality in terms of design, manufacturing and promotion.

Everyone contributes to advancing the electrical industry for better customer service. As our supplier, we count on you to:

Sustain demand

Familiarize clients and prospects with your products. Make efforts to ensure that product performance and packaging are such that end users realize they can’t get along without them.

Build the brand image and a marketing program

Only you, the manufacturer, can fully convey the benefits of your products and the strength of your brands. Innovate and respond to customer needs.

Innovate and respond to customer needs

Invest in R&D to improve ergonomic design, ease of installation, energy consumption and the range of functions offered by your products: our customers expect it.

Boost efficiency via distribution

It is essential that you seek to be complementary with respect to technical professional distribution, and that we work together to improve the distribution and servicing of your products to our clients.

Optimize product availability

Improve your production timetable by organizing deliveries and working with us to anticipate demand for your products that we stock. This way, clients can count on the availability of products they need.

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