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Suppliers Partnership

Committed to excellence!

Sonepar selects the manufacturers and electrical equipment for distribution that best suit the daily needs of its professional clients. In every country, region or city in which Sonepar operates, the group makes available an efficient local network staffed with the kind of trained, highly motivated professionals that large manufacturers rely on to represent their products.

Local excellence and global vision

Sonepar builds its vendor partnerships at the local level first, because it is in the outlets that Sonepar responds directly to the needs of clients. This is a challenge that the group rises to meet daily with its partners. By entrusting the distribution of their products to Sonepar, vendors know they are getting the most cost-effective benefits of:

  • Extremely broad distribution of their products locally.
  • Consistent availability of the products clients ask for.
  • A range of services that is adapted to meet the needs of local professionals. Sonepar's international partners are all leaders in their business.

International partners all leaders in their business

The group offers them marketing support designed to help them:

  • Better understand market reactions
  • Anticipate changes in demand
  • Improve the efficiency of the supply chain
  • Test new products and shorten time to market

Development of sales and services

Because sales performance drives partnerships, Sonepar strives to maintain balanced relationships that reflect the values of each partner. While growth is the ultimate aim that the group shares with its partners, Sonepar offers its professional clients custom services that enhance the manufacturer's product range.To understand our vision of vendor partnerships, turn to Requirement to suppliers, which contains the cornerstones of this vision. The group has the drive and resources needed to be a critic ally of every one of its local and international partners.

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