Do you enjoy a good challenge? Great, because we value bold thinkers who thrive with challenging tasks. We were founded by entrepreneurs and their spirit inspires us to this day. We strongly encourage initiative and creativity. Our people enjoy the opportunity we offer to express ideas and execute them. Our fifty years of growth have taught us to value long-term success over short-term gain. We invest in the long-term development of our people.


Our recruitment process ensures our candidates are provided with the best possible experience. We take every step to ensure that there is a good cultural fit and that each of our new recruits can envisage what they can bring to the company and how much the company can bring to them. Team spirit is fundamental for us.


Thanks to our onboarding programs, our new associates feel welcome and settle into their new environment, the programs teach them how the Group operates. We also hold team-building events to help them get acquainted with local environments.

Appreciate your performance and leverage it

Every year, our managers review the successes and opportunities of the past year with each of their team members. This is an important opportunity to share insights, check the accomplished work and establish an action plan for their career goals. We believe that each manager must develop the potential within their team to achieve the best outcome. We are also convinced that commitment is key and that excellence in execution can make the difference.

Identify your potential

In addition to the annual objectives, the Sonepar Leadership Model enables us to have a view on how the skills of our associates meet the key qualities for the Group. For this purpose, we give regular feedback to identify their strengths and possible development areas in order to improve their skills.

Develop your skills

Based on the identified strengths and development areas, training programs which match their needs are offered to our associates.

Experts are key to our organization. We identify the ones who are willing and able to make a global contribution over and above their local roles, and provide them with opportunities to contribute to committees, competence centers or international projects. Their contributions become building-blocks in their development and can turn out to be key steps in their career progression.


For more than a decade, Sonepar’s corporate university has been training hundreds of associates around the world through a wide variety of programs. Sonacademy’s role is to develop and support Sonepar associates grow and deliver managerial training designed for a multicultural workforce.


At Sonepar, we are committed to making every associate feel comfortable in their role and to acknowledging involvement.

We believe that managers are best placed to identify the talents of each team member, creating the best team performance.

We also design career plans around the career goals of individuals and what Sonepar will need in the future in order to contribute to its performance and results. The involvement of associates in international projects and task forces helps foster broad discussion and global business networking.

Take a look at a few initiatives carried out by our subsidiaries around the world.

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