This will allow customers to accumulate points when buying products.


In September Cebeo launched a new loyalty program called ‘Cebeo Rewards’, which will allow customers to accumulate points when buying products, and when they have a certain number of points, they can trade them for a gift of their choice from a selection of over 2000 items!

Once they’ve registered with the Cebeo Rewards Club, they will have access to the Cebeo Rewards website where they will get an overview of the range of gifts, and an update of the amount of points they’ve saved. All of this information is available on a separate platform, (available in French and Dutch).

The platform is run by Youkado, (the company behind this concept), who is also responsible for all of Cebeo’s logistics and marketing automation.


About Cebeo

Cebeo from Waregem was founded in 1922 in Kortrijk by Charles Bultiauw and specialises in the distribution of electrotechnical equipment, technical services and solutions for the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. Its history is characterized by organic growth and acquisitions. Cebeo is a leader in customer service, offering a network of branches based on proximity, appropriate logistics and e-

business solutions and high technical competencies. ( Since April 2008, Alexander Dewulf has headed the Management Team as CEO.

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