Nortel and Dimensional associates Fabrício Apolinário and Thiago Simão have helped their community by making face shields with their 3D printers.


The current pandemic is affecting every country around the world. This has led to a shortage on safety equipment on a global scale, which has forced individuals to produce their own for their community and colleagues. This is exactly what Fabrício Apolinário, a Siemens technical consultant for Automation and Drives at Nortel, and Thiago Simão, Automation and Drives specialist at Dimensional have done, by making face shields with their 3D printers.

Apolinário recently joined an online group in his city of Belo Horizonte, which connected 3D printer enthusiasts. A short while ago an appeal was sent out to ask as many members as possible to manufacture protective masks for people in their community. He has already donated more than 100 masks and the group has a demand of approximately 18,000 more. He said, “There are more than 70 printers committed to this initiative, and we are also responsible for delivering the masks to health professionals in the region, prioritizing the areas that need it the most, such as Hospital Intensive Care Units.” Apolináro continued, “It’s amazing to part of such initiative. I cannot save the whole world, but I am contributing to the fight against this pandemic in the best way I can.”

Simão started to print the same masks about a month ago, after some of his friends who work in healthcare sector commented on how difficult was to find protection equipment, to assist patients suffering from COVID-19. Simão took up 3D printing as a hobby a few months before, and after getting hold of the necessary raw materials, he got to work and has already made 30 face masks for emergency services in the cities of Mogi Mirim and Mogi Guaçu. He stated, “I am very happy to donate to health professionals who are using this equipment. I saw the importance of masks for those who are dealing with patients on a daily basis, and it is a pleasure to be able to contribute to help them in any way I can.”



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