Arnold Calderon at the Sacchi Logistics Center is truly one of the Sonepar heroes of our time and is playing an essential part of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.


It’s 5am in Desio, Italy, and Arnold Calderon arrives at the Sacchi Logistics Center to begin his shift, “I’m on time as always. I put on gloves, a mask, and my glasses which begin to fog up almost immediately.” It’s a sensation that he and his peers are still getting used to. Arnold continues, “I then head over to the shipping department, my colleagues and I greet each other in full protection gear with a few nods of the head, before I check the day’s consignment to be loaded onto my van.” Once everything is secure, Arnold then makes his way to his first stop, Fiera Hospital in Milan.

Moving on, he notes “As the streets are practically empty, I’m able to reach my destination in half an hour.” After unloading the goods which is mostly cables, piping and cords, he can then move onto the next job. When asked how he feels about his current situation he says, “Patients will be able to receive the necessary care and equipment thanks to my job, which leaves me feeling a peace.”

Arnold is 61 years old and has been part of the Sacchi Group since 2005. He is truly one of the heroes of our time and is playing an essential part of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.


About Sacchi

Sacchi, a Sonepar subsidiary founded in 1957, is based in Northern Italy. With 93 branches and 1,330 employees, the company serves 40,000 customers, for a turnover of €500 million. An excellent logistics service, specialized technical business units, the most advanced digital tools (e-commerce, and app) make Sacchi the ideal partner for companies operating in the market of electrical equipment, lighting and industrial automation. People make this possible: professionals who work together, with competence and passion.

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