Puerta de Hierro hospital in Madrid supplied by Sonepar Iberica.


In this uncertain time for everyone, the number of Covid-19 diagnoses cases in Spain continues to increase and Sonepar Ibérica teams are working 100% to give the best service to customers, ensuring business continuity.

Sonepar Iberica is receiving many orders for electrical material and related products for hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies, town halls, food and beverage industries, water supplies ... and all kind of basic supplies for daily life to continue.

Here are some of the examples that Sonepar Iberica delivered last week:

  • Hospitals throughout Spain: electrical equipment for assembly and maintenance. As well as equipment and heaters for field hospitals.
  • Supermarkets and food industry: hundreds of digital thermometers for temperature control, supplies of cables and electrical equipment.
  • Livestock associations: supply of cable and electrical equipment.
  • Water utilities: electrical equipment and maintenance.
  • Cleaning companies: Protective gloves.

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