Due to Sonepar’s unwavering solidarity and availability to all who need us, the Perpignan branch ensured a fast and efficient service.


The African Animal Reserve of Sigean, located between Narbonne and Perpignan hosts more than 3,800 animals across more than 300 hectares. On March 24th, its pumping station which distributes water to the entire reserve broke down. The reserve is located 5 meters above the level of the river Berre, and it is imperative that the water is oxygenated and renewed to ensure the health and survival of the animals.

Park officials first appealed to their maintenance company, but to no avail as it was closed due to the current circumstances. They then turned to another company to replace the faulty pumping system however, their lack of knowledge of automation did not allow the equipment to be delivered. A race against the clock is then started.

Informed of the situation, Sonepar Connect’s Perpignan branch managed to diagnose the failure by telephone and was able to temporarily restart the pumping station with the support of industry expert Alain Domenach. In close contact with the reserve team, both by telephone and also through videocalls, Alain managed to remotely resolve the problem, ensuring the continued smooth operation of the station. Thanks to the support and expertise of our teams, water distribution is again guaranteed to all the animals on the reserve!

Due to Sonepar’s unwavering solidarity and availability to all who need us, the Perpignan branch ensured a fast and efficient service. Our commercial collaboration is strengthened!

(Image source: https://www.reserveafricainesigean.fr/nouvelle-famille-de-guepards-a-sigean)


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