Sonepar Deutschland ensures all associates are able to work from home in record time.


When adapting to the new way of life in confinement, people working from home and have needed to rely on their company's IT teams more than ever before.

Björn Bortz, an IT department head for Sonepar Deutschland reported, "The greatest challenge for our IT team was to provide 1,600 additional home office stations overnight. We had already put 2,800 in place, but in this current climate nearly 60% more were needed. A lot of our colleagues are currently working from home and have not experienced this way of working before. Therefore, we set up a hotline where all employees can address their questions, and we can advise either via telephone or remote support."

We can all agree that our colleagues in IT are among the unsung heroes of this strange situation, and we're so grateful that with their help, we can continue running smoothly.​



About Sonepar Germany

Sonepar Deutschland is Germany's leading electrical wholesaler, is has a local presence across Germany in more than 200 locations. Central warehouses are spread across the whole country and, together with a special distribution center for industrial products, ensure that products are available with minimum delay.

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