After seeing a potential infection in the company, the associates of this Sonepar Deutschland branch were home and online within one hour.


Dirk Liebler, the Regional and Branch Manager for the Rosenheim division of Sonepar Deutschland, was forced to react quickly last week when one of his associates was potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus. He stated, “We had to completely close our branch for 13 days, because of a suspected case of an infected employee with Covid-19.” Not only that, his IT team were able to set up the home office network for all associates in an extremely limited time period. He continued “Immediately all employees were sent home and within one hour, everybody was online and available.”

Even in the midst of a crisis, their customers had no idea of the situation, Liebler observed, “The greatest praise we got from our customers was that they didn’t notice that weren’t working on-site. Instead of receiving any negative feedback, we were met with understanding.” Because of the excellent work, demonstrated discipline and the social cohesion, Liebler, is truly grateful to his tremendous team for the quick and uncomplicated support.



About Sonepar Germany

Sonepar Deutschland is Germany’s leading electrical wholesaler, is has a local presence across Germany in more than 200 locations. Central warehouses are spread across the whole country and, together with a special distribution center for industrial products, ensure that products are available with minimum delay.

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