Sonepar Italia have cited the importance of body temperature detection machines at the entrance to all warehouse access gates.


​​​​​The situation today requires us all to quickly change our habits to ensure the safety of those around us. This is exactly what Sonepar Italia have done last week, by ciciting the importance of body temperature detection machines at the entrance to all warehouse access gates.

This equipment can be very effective in analyzing passing subjects whose body temperature is higher than 37.5°C, in a non-invasive way and without direct contact. As a fever is one of the first symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, this method will hopefully detect any infected individual, allow them to begin treatment at an early stage, and prevent others from being infected. This initiative could ensure the safety of associates as well as its customers. ​

About Sonepar Italia

Sonepar Italia is made up of 100 branches, five distribution centers and 1,500 associates. In 2018, Sonepar Italia generated a turnover of more than €600 million. Sonepar Italia was established in 1988 and prides itself on living by three principles: Closeness, Future and "La Référence".

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