Viking Electric worked out a solution for the cleaning needs at their headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


As the Coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe, it’s become harder and harder to procure certain supplies. From disinfecting cleaners to hand sanitizer, many of our everyday essentials have become hot commodities, and the increase in demand has backed many of us into a corner.

The team at Viking Electric, a Sonepar company in the USA, found themselves in that very position, but rather than being discouraged, they saw an opportunity to be resourceful and come together to build a solution. VP of Operations, Jay Paradies, and Facilities Manager, Susette Smith, tasked Corporate Support Specialist, Paula Moris, with finding a solution for the cleaning needs at their headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Paula worked closely with their local cleaning company to determine what could be used to safely and effectively replace their usual supplies. With the help of Jim Ostergaard, Transportation and Safety Manager, and Paul Przekurat, Warehouse Manager, they quickly began procuring materials to start building these cleaning kits. Once they had the formula down, Jim and Paula worked to develop a plan to make the kits available at all of the Viking Electric locations.

A prime example of teamwork at its best, this project involved a lot of helping hands. Paula and Susette worked with office receptionist, Vicki Madrigal, to produce detailed instructions and signage to accompany the kits. Once everything had been assembled, Paula and Jim enlisted the help of associates from the shipping department to package up the kits and distribute to their other branches.

“It may sound simple, but in these difficult times, we shouldn’t hesitate to ask each other for help,” said Paula. “We’re all in this together and must rely on each other to make it through. Everyone we reached out to was eager to help and welcomed the ask with open arms, even our cleaning company, who was essential to pulling this off.”

By collaborating quickly and thinking outside of the box, the team at Viking was able to create a solution for their associates and create an additional precaution to help ensure their safety. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, working together is more important than ever.

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