With an investment of R$ 5 million (about 1.1 million euros), the DC will support the operations of 2 companies in Brazil.


Sonepar bet on local synergy to invest for the first time in a Distribution Center that will support the operations of 2 Group companies in Brazil: Dimensional Centelha and Nortel. The project had an investment of R$ 5 million and will be able to further optimize the distribution of electrical materials and increase capillarity throughout the national territory.


The new DC is strategically located in the municipality of Serra, Espirito Santo. With a modern infrastructure and more than 110 employees, the new venue has 15,000 m² and has a fully vertical storage, taking advantage of a ceiling height of 14 meters.


In operation since October 2019, the Serra DC uses a modern WMS (Warehouse Management System) and has a capacity of 45,000 SKUs, which will allow the consolidation of the vision of future and the Group's growth.


For Eric Le Bihan, Logistics Manager at Sonepar Brasil, with the size, structure and geographical position of the distribution center it will be possible to serve more quickly especially the North and Southeast regions of Brazil. “We are in a strategic position for national distribution, near Minas Gerais, on the way to Bahia and Pernambuco, and on the border with Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo,” he says.


According to him, the project was dimensioned for an ambitious growth, with capacity to handle 4 thousand orders lines per day. In addition, “all deliveries that come out of this DC are shared loads and, as a result, allow Sonepar to optimize and to increase the routes flow,” he concludes.


About Sonepar Brasil

Sonepar Brazil is the leader in the Brazilian market, where operates with 5 commpanies: Dimensional Centelha, DW, Eletronor, Nortel and Etil. There are more than 2,000 employees in the Group, that is constantly expanding its local presence through organic growth and strategic acquisitions of companies. 



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