Over the last few months Sonepar China has been working closely with each business division, and operating company to form their Sustainability Team.


Around the world, Sonepar companies are examining their sustainable efforts, and looking for the most efficient ways in which to reduce their CO2 emissions. Over the last few months Sonepar China has been working closely with each business division, and each operating company to form the Sustainability Team.

The team members come from supply chain, finance and administrative sectors to give full overview of Sonepar China's progress, and to advise on how best to implement their initiatives. Starting from this year, Sonepar China has begun to systematically collect carbon emission data, focus on reducing their CO2 footprint, and formulate energy-saving measures. Their goal is to effectively reduce carbon emissions over the next ten years. The energy saving measures they're currently taking are to turn off all company lighting and air conditioning outside of office hours, convert packaging to be recyclable, consolidate stock item orders to reduce fragmented shipments and to arrange delivery frequency to reduce the rate in which vehicles are used. They're also encouraging every Sonepar China associate to help save energy and reduce emissions, thereby influencing suppliers and customers through their actions and efforts to develop a circular economy.



About Sonepar China

Sonepar China is a key national player in the B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services After entering China in 2000, they have continued to grow over the years. Thanks to strategic acquisitions and organic growth, they achieved revenue of more than CNY 4.8 billion in 2018. They cover 18 provinces and the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. With 1,200 associates, Sonepar China has extremely ambitious growth plans for the next five years, which will see them develop their critical competencies and enlarge our product range to meet our customer' needs in the best possible way, whether they operate in the building, industrial processes or energy sectors.

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