This is a huge project for Sonepar China as it is the largest hospital project they have taken on since launching their PDS portfolio.


Earlier this year, Sonepar China's Building and Electrical Distribution Division (B&ED) won the bid to provide the PDS (Premises Distributed System), as part of the construction of the Tianjin First Central Hospital. This is a huge project for Sonepar China as it is the largest hospital project they have taken on since launching their PDS portfolio.

The team has worked tirelessly to ensure timely product delivery and on-site support which has led to them being officially listed as a Registered Supplier for China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, setting the stage for a solid partnership for years to come, and providing a resounding endorsement to drive new partnerships in the industry.

The hospital is a comprehensive tertiary first-class hospital with five clinical specialties, three municipal specialties, and six municipal research institutes. In 2008, it was designated as the primary hospital in Tianjin for the Beijing Olympic Games. It is currently the largest public hospital in the country, however considering the continuous urban population growth the hospital decided to relocate and expand. The total investment scale of the new project at the new site is CNY 2.85 billion, the total land area is about 106,700 m2, and the building area is roughly 359,900 m2. It will have 18 floors, more than 40,000 information points, including access control systems, video surveillance, building automation, building intercom, data communication, telephone communication, hospital network management system and other complex systems.

Since March 2020, the Third Engineering Bureau, the general contractor of the project, announced that it would resume production with the approval of the Tianjin Municipal Government after the COVID-19 pandemic was relatively stable.


About Sonepar China

Sonepar China is a key national player in the B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. After entering China in 2000, they have continued to grow over the years. Thanks to strategic acquisitions and organic growth, they achieved revenue of more than CNY 5.0 billion in 2019. They cover 18 provinces and the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. With 1,200 associates, Sonepar China has extremely ambitious growth plans for the next five years, which will see them develop their critical competencies and enlarge our product range to meet our customer' needs in the best possible way, whether they operate in the building, industrial processes or energy sectors.

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