Sonepar Connect and CGED are helping to save the printing of thousands of paper invoices for their customers.


​We are always looking for ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and it's inspiring to see companies embracing digital alternatives, Sonepar Deutschland recently made the switch to e-billing, and Sonepar Connect and CGED have done the same, helping to save the printing of thousands of paper invoices for their customers.

Certain customers were already benefiting from receiving digital invoices in the civil and public sector, and now that the system has been fiscally certified, it is now available for all Sonepar Connect and CGED customers.

Director of Internal Control and Client Credit, Joaquim Lopes said, "The signed PDF is the future! Government invoices are already issued in digital form, and everyone has agreed that it's best to phase out paper invoicing. To be acceptable by the tax services, the digital invoice must be signed by a third-party certifier. Beyond this guarantee, the invoice provides customers with numerous advantages, such as evading any postal delays or lost invoices. This way, invoices can be intergrated into customers' accounting tools, allowing them to be processed automatically, avoiding any data entry errors, and they are available for reference for the next ten years. Our customers thus have access to their account history, and can find their invoices and certified assets in just a few clicks!"



About Sonepar Connect

Sonepar Connect, a subsidiary of Sonepar France, is a national brand, visible by all actors in the field, and "attractor" of talent, with the proximity of our sales teams spread over the entire territory, increased product availability and a connected and facilitated customer experience : 1.5 billion sales in 2018; 3 markets: industrial, tertiary, residential; 300 branches.

About CGED

CGED, a subsidiary of Sonepar France, is a major player in the distribution of electrical equipment with nearly 200 branches in France. The company employs nearly 2,000 people and achieved a turnover of € 662 million in 2017. A specialized distributor, CGED ensures the marketing of more than 600 brands of materials and equipment.​

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