Sonepar Deutschland has been working with the Fraunhofer inHaus Center in Duisburg.


Since January 2019, Sonepar Deutschland has been working with the Fraunhofer inHaus Center in Duisburg, a partnership which enables the company to actively create ground-breaking products, creating a real added value for their customers and trading partners.

The inHaus Center in Duisburg combines the expertise of several Fraunhofer institutes, partners and start-up companies in a shared, collaborative space. Divided into inHaus1 and inHaus2, experts jointly develop, test and demonstrate innovative systems and products in the business areas of health and care, housing, energy and building technology and sustainability.

As an inHaus partner, Sonepar Deutschland is particularly involved in the technology and market segment of electrical and plumbing wholesale. inHaus integrates their product components and energy saving solutions, and gives Sonepar Deutschland valuable application data to enable them to create ‘smart homes’ of the future, allowing them offering further, exclusive expertise to their customers.

Through the lively exchange with the numerous companies and various research institutions, Sonepar Deutschland can define future opportunities ahead of their competitors.


About Sonepar Deutschland

Sonepar Deutschland is Germany's leading electrical wholesaler, is has a local presence across Germany in more than 200 locations. Central warehouses are spread across the whole country and, together with a special distribution center for industrial products, ensure that products are available with minimum delay. ​

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