Sonepar Future Road, the zero-emissions tour of Italy, took place from 3 to 18 October.


The team crossed Italy from south to north, covering more than 4,000 km to promote, raise awareness and provide training to professionals and electrical fitters on the topic of sustainable mobility and the new business opportunities it generates.

The team travelled through Italy in all-electric vehicles with the Sonepar Italia logo, provided by prestigious partners including Nissan Italy and BMW, making stops along the way to present the latest mobility news, as well as upcoming developments and the strategic importance of the electric vehicle (EV) market. E‑mobility is an expanding sector set to benefit from the local anti-pollution regulations, as well as Italy’s government incentive plan for the purchase of “green” cars.

E-mobility may also generate a variety of business opportunities for operators in the electric sector. Sonepar Italia is keen to explore them together with its customers and suppliers.

Technology is paving the way for a more environmentally friendly, less carbon-intensive future with a view to creating a more sustainable and caring world. Through Sonepar Future Road, we want to share our vision of intelligent mobility across Italy and show that Sonepar Italia is ready for change now.

The Future Road team travelled to the following cities:

  • Cagliari, 3 October
  • Catania, 7 October
  • Naples, 8 October
  • Bari, 9 October
  • Rome, 10 October
  • Empoli, 11 October
  • Bologna, 14 October
  • Rimini, 15 October
  • Milan – Ghisallo, 16 October
  • Bergamo, 17 October
  • Padua, 18 October

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