This way, their philosophy stays with the customer long after they've left the store.  


July is Plastic-Free month, and Sonepar Ibérica along with many of their OpCos, have used this opportunity to implement a new initiative to use only recyclable packaging on of all their orders. Not only does this initiative minimize the use of plastic and is a step towards Sonepar's global goal of reducing our carbon footprint, but Sonepar Ibérica are also encouraging customers to do their part for the planet as well.​ Guerin for example, have also added the slogan, 'Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce' to their packaging so that their philosophy stays with the customer long after they've left the store.  ​  



About Sonepar Ibérica

Founded in 1986, Sonepar Ibérica is the leading company in the B-to-B distribution of electrical equipment and related solutions in Spain. We have more than 115 branches spread throughout the Spanish region and have seven OpCos: AME, Dielectro Balear, Dielectro Canarias, Dielectro Industrial, Dimel, Guerin and Hispanofil. We offer our clients integral solutions and services in our business areas: Industry, Lighting, Telecom & Data, Cable, Medium Voltage, Security & EPIS, Building Automotion & Domotics, Air Conditioning, Electric Vehicle, Renewable and Sanitary Energies and Plumbing.

About Guerin

Guerin is the first company who joined the Sonepar Iberian family in 1896. Guerin is a leader in Catalonia and Andalucia with 30 branches spread across diverse communities. We have more than 400 people are part of Guerin. In their warehouses, have more than 60,000 items in stock.

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