Sonepar Ibérica has opened a counseling program to anyone who may be finding the current circumstances especially difficult.


The COVID-19 epidemic has been disorientating for all of us. Appreciating the toll that it is taking on the emotional health of their associates, and as of April, Sonepar Ibérica has opened a counseling program to anyone who may be finding the circumstances especially difficult. The program includes offering psychological support and assistance to take care of their associates’ wellbeing during confinement, and to ease them in to their return to the workplace.

This service is part of Sonepar Ibérica’s Wellness Program and is given by the Personnel Selection Manager at Sonepar Ibérica, Miriam Blázquez, who is also a clinical psychologist. In addition, they have also created a Psychological Care Guide, that outlines different states of mind that this situation can cause, and how address any anxieties they may be feeling.


About Sonepar Ibérica

Founded in 1986, Sonepar Ibérica is the leading company in the B-to-B distribution of electrical equipment and related solutions in Spain. We have more than 115 branches spread throughout the Spanish region and have seven OpCos: AME, Dielectro Balear, Dielectro Canarias, Dielectro Industrial, Dimel, Guerin and Hispanofil. We offer our clients integral solutions and services in our business areas: Industry, Lighting, Telecom & Data, Cable, Medium Voltage, Security & EPIS, Building Automotion & Domotics, Air Conditioning, Electric Vehicle, Renewable and Sanitary Energies and Plumbing.​

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