SLO Oy is committed to the Group's sustainability objective to be in line with the Paris Agreement to limit the rise in world temperature below 2°C for 2050.


In order for SLO to stay on track with its CO2 emission reduction target of 30% by 2023, the company has replaced its forklift truck fleet from propane-fueled to electric. This initiative will reduce SLO's CO2 emissions by an impressive 4.5%!

The renewed forklift truck fleet was transferred onto leasing contract, meaning that equipment numbers can be changed rapidly as per the company's needs. This flexibility maintains SLO's high-level delivery rate, optimizes space, and lowers lower fuel consumption.

In addition to eco-friendly solutions, SLO's focus is on the further development of working conditions, specifically the tools of the trade and the latest advancements in occupational safety. Therefore, an added benefit of the lease contract is that their consistent monitoring ensures the safe working conditions for the forklift truck drivers. Equipment is also given individual RFID (radio frequency identification) tags and a monitoring system, which provides machine-specific operating hours as well as lift and collision figures.

Over the past few years, SLO has carried out some major development projects, for example, a new inventory management system, the expansion of its CDC (central distribution centre) and automation project,  as well as the renewal of its an ERP system. These developments means that SLO is operating with the industry's most recent systems, accurate logistics, and the company has a clear focus on its future and growth.

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