Full speed ahead!


For many years, Deutsche Bahn has been at the top of the list of highly desired clients for Sonepar in Germany. Now, their Business Unit Infrastructure team has succeeded in partnering with the German railway company to supply to their light sources, cable/electrical lines and electronic engineering departments.

Activities between the two companies begun in 2020, from which the Business Unit Infrastructure team gained 7.6 million euros. Due to Deutsche Bahn’s large investment program, ‘Starke Schiene’, they anticipate a higher return over the coming years.

After successful negotiations, Sonepar in Germany started paving the way for a strategic partnership with Deutsche Bahn, which officially begins on the 1st of April 2021.


About Sonepar in Germany

Sonepar Deutschland is Germany's leading electrical wholesaler, is has a local presence across Germany in more than 200 locations. Central warehouses are spread across the whole country and, together with a special distribution center for industrial products, ensure that products are available with minimum delay. ​

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