Sonepar Suisse proves you can interloop modern and efficient processes with sustainability.


Sonepar Suisse proves you can interloop modern and efficient processes with sustainability.

In August 2020, Sonepar Suisse reached a very important milestone: After more than two years of intensive and challenging construction, the doors of their new central distribution centre (CDC) were opened, operating as a major part of the company’s logistics.

Head of Logistics, Sonepar Suisse, Benjamin Ertl explained, “The new CDC is very important for our supply chain organization and replaces the previous 35 year-old CDC and external warehouse. The vision for the project is based on our commitment to two our corporate values people, sustainability and performance. We covered the entire roof with a photovoltaics system which can supply up to 80% of the warehouse’s needs in energy. We also used wood to construct the high-bay-section, to a height never seen before in Switzerland (21 meters high). Additionally, we chose local partners to help bring vision to light and we’re grateful for their collaboration.”

The new CDC is the heart of Sonepar Suisse’s logistics network strategy, and has already taken a very important role in their supply chain and omnichannel platform. It supplies the Zurich region and holds extra stocks for the whole Swiss region. The new CDC will be fully integrated at the beginning of 2021.


About Sonepar Suisse

Sonepar Suisse is an independent French family-owned company and is one of the leading firms in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. Following the motto "think global, act Sonepar", we have an extensive presence across Switzerland. More than 450 of our employees at 14 locations in German, French and Italian-speaking Switzerland provide outstanding service. Together with Dysbox SA, ElectroLAN SA, Electroplast SA, Fabbri SA and Winterhalter + Fenner AG, we form Sonepar Switzerland and are part of the French Sonepar group, which is present in more than 48 countries and employs some 48,000 associates.

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