Technische Unie has announced that it has reached two significant milestones, further shaping its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Technische Unie has announced that it has reached two significant milestones, further shaping its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The first, is that is has moved to Level Two on the Inclusive Employment Performance Ladder (PSO)​. The PSO, is a measurement tool and quality seal developed by TN​O, which objectively measures a company's degree of social entrepreneurship. The PSO has become the national standard against which CSR is measured. This new certification means that Technische Unie has proven to perform well above average when it comes to employing candidates from vulnerable backgrounds. CSR Manager, Ariane van Dijk, said, "With guidance from the team at Technische Unie, these prospective candidates can receive the training they need to thrive in their role. This certification is yet another great step to show our commitment to improving our CSR."

Technische Unie announced their second milestone after the release of their 10-year CO2 Footprint Report (2009-2019), which showed that their CO2 consumption had reduced by 25%, and they are currently on track to reducing their footprint even further to 35% by 2021! Technische Unie has a large presence in the installation sector which is hugely important in energy transition. They are also aware that a lot of energy is required to transport products and renovate buildings which leads to large amounts of waste and CO2 emissions, which is a constant area of research and development for the company. Their ambition is to become the greenest distribution partner in their region and market area. Ariane concluded, "We have been on the road for 10 years now and have gained a lot of knowledge about CO2. The next 10 years will be dominated by a significant further reduction. Not just for Technische Unie, but for the whole of Sonepar!"


About Technische Unie
Technische Unie is the largest technical wholesaler in the Netherlands. It is made up of over 2000 associates and is the supplier of 2 million products. It is proud to deliver such services as the delivery of installation materials in the field of electrical engineering, lighting, tools, plumbing, heating and climate technology. Its customers are ever-present in the installation, construction, government and retail industry.

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