Technische Unie has created the Circularity Team in order to educate their customers on ecologically sound items which they can then sell to their customers.


Technische Unie President, Jan Ferwerda sat down with CStories to explain how Technische Unie is embracing the circular economy. He began: "Our throwaway culture needs to be replaced. Our mountain of waste is growing, and raw materials are running out. Nature is a cycle, and if we can learn anything from our present circumstances, it is that nature cannot be trifled with. Technische Unie understands this and we are constantly developing circular processes within our logistics chain, as it is only when we work together, can we make a significant impact on our environment!" 

Technische Unie serves more than 45,000 customers who have access to their product range of over two million items. With such a huge influence, Technische Unie has created the Circularity Team in order to educate their customers on ecologically sound items which they can then sell to their customers. Jan commented: "As an industry leader, we bring suppliers and customers into contact with each other. We transfer product, industry and professional knowledge thanks to our trained specialists. We have created the Circularity Team for issues related to the circular economy. This team devises circular solutions together with our partners." 

Jan outlined how circularity can only be achieved once all players in the supply chain are working towards the same goal. He stated: "All parties in the chain must take responsibility in the sustainability of their processes: from the sourcing of raw materials, to the manufacturers, to the distributors, customers, and organizations that take care of the return collection and separation, up to and including the recyclers. Together with our parent company, Sonepar, we want to play a key role in the circularity of this area." 

Echoing Sonepar CEO Philippe Delpech's firm stance on this topic, "At Technische Unie we use the 10R model to improve our sustainable development: refuse, reduce, rethink, re-use, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, re-purpose, recycle and recover, and how can we incorporate all of these qualities into our processes? Our range already includes hundreds of circular products, how beautiful is that! Energy-neutral logistics is also a theme we are working on. We are constantly focusing on smart and clean logistics and concepts that are manageable in the transition towards a circular economy. We have achieved great results with this in the field of CO2 reduction. But it can be better." 

Technische Unie is making great strides in the field of sustainable development, go to Sonepar News to see which other milestones they've achieved. 


About Technische Unie

Technische Unie is the largest technical wholesaler in the Netherlands. It is made up of over 2000 associates and is the supplier of 2 million products. It is proud to deliver such services as the delivery of installation materials in the field of electrical engineering, lighting, tools, plumbing, heating and climate technology. Its customers are ever-present in the installation, construction, government and retail industry.

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