We are living through the most incredible challenges in our business life. Our top priority at Sonepar is the well-being of our 48,000 associates. I am very impressed by the measures already taken by our senior leadership. Best practices already implemented in countries affected will be shared with other countries to help protect our associates, whilst endeavouring to maintain a level of service to our customers. Our customers are actively supporting the electrical distribution systems critical to make sure health, communication, power or other strategic government infrastructures operate properly.

Sonepar’s Executive Committee is implementing a detailed plan to ensure business continuity for our customers. This will be challenging, but Sonepar has always known how to face adversity and provide great customer service.

Thank you to all Sonepar associates who are mobilized every day. Branches have adapted their operating hours, the way they serve customers, created new drive services and promoted digital solutions. Similarly, I admire and thank all those engaged in the fight to limit the spread of COVID-19.

As Sonepar CEO, I will help guide Sonepar through this period you can count on my undivided support and commitment.

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