Meeting our customers’ needs is what we are all about

Through our multiple distribution channels, we offer them a continually expanding range of products, solutions and services. We advise and assist them in carrying out their projects.

We seek out the electrical material and technical solutions offered by manufacturers that are best suited to demand in our markets. After selecting them, we make those products and solutions available to our customers in the right place, at the right time—and at the right price. And our logistics expertise developed through our distribution network makes for swift, effective, and reliable delivery of those high-quality products.

Our business

To help customers boost their productivity, we save them time throughout the customer journey.

What we do

Serving our markets

We cater to industrial, building and energy customers.

Providing products and solutions

Spanning a variety of specialties in the B-to-B distribution of cutting-edge electrical products and solutions, we are continually expanding our range of products and services to be able to meet customer needs as effectively as possible.

Assisting our customers

We make life easier for our customers around the world, whatever the nature or the size of their business.

Partnering our suppliers

We maintain authentic partnerships with our suppliers, showcasing their products and helping them connect with their markets.

Offering value-added services

Every day in the 48 countries where we operate, with our 48,000 associates we leverage our multi-channel distribution network and our powerful logistics to optimize our supply chain, charge competitive prices and come up with innovative and tailored responses.