A few months ago, we posted this story showing Sonepar offices, branches and distribution centers as they looked in the past, and as they are now. That prompted even more of Sonepar's brands to share images from their own history. So here's round two: a look at how our sites have expanded and evolved, as we grew over the years into the world number one we are today. Move the slider in the middle of each image to juxtapose the past (left) and the present (right). 


Cebeo, Belgium

One of Sonepar's major Belgian brands, Cebeo joined the Sonepar family in 1986. Here you can see the Cebeo site in the Belgian city of Bruges, as it was in the 90s, and how it appears today. Sonepar's Belgian activities generated revenue of €642 million last year, and we're number one in that market. 

Dimensional, Brazil

Sonepar already had a major presence in Brazil when it acquired Dimensional in 2007. The Brazilian company had a long history, reaching back to the mid 20th century, as this shot on the left demonstrates. Looking at the current headquarters of Dimensional on the right, you can see how far the company has come. Right now, Sonepar operates 72 branches in Brazil, and is the market leader, generating €285 million of revenue in 2018. 

Sonepar Ceska Republika, Czech Republic

This is Sonepar's site in Brno, in south eastern Czech Republic, as it was in the early 2000s and how it is today. Sonepar Ceska Republika currently has 30 branches across the whole country and generated €77 million of revenue in 2018. 

Solar, Germany

In 2015, Sonepar expanded its presence in Germany by acquiring Solar. Here you can see the Solar site in Rendsburg as it was in the 1990s on the left (then called CFI), and how the same premises looks today. Sonepar currently operates 225 branches across Germany and Luxembourg, which generate more than €2.8bn of revenue for the Group. 

Sonepar Deutschland, Germany

It's not only the exteriors of our sites that have changed with the times, it's also the equipment we use to serve our customers. Here you can see what a cable-cutting machine looked like at Sonepar Deutschland back in the 1990s, and the high-tech apparatus that's used there today. 

ESK India, India

Sonepar's brand ESK India dates its inception back to 2009, when it was established in Gurgaon, in northern India. From an initial expertise servicing the telecom industry, ESK India expanded and now operates more than 10 warehouses and offices across the country, servicing residential, industrial and commercial markets. They expanded the headquarters last year to the newer building you see on the right. 

Sonepar Ibérica, Spain

More shots of our warehouses in the past, and the high-tech, automated warehouses of today. These shots come from Sonepar's Spanish subsidiary Guerin. Today, Sonepar operates a network of 120 branches in Spain, generating more than €456 million in 2018.

Routeco, United Kingdom

Sonepar entered the UK market in a major way in 2014, joining up with the British firm Routeco, which charts its history back to 1978. Here you can see the Routeco offices in the late 1980s, and how they appear today. Sonepar is the market leader for electrical distribution and solutions in the UK. 

Socolec, France

Socolec was one of Sonepar's earliest acquisitions. Back in 1971 we bought this regional distributor based in le Mans, in northwestern France. Here you can see the Socolec site as it was back in the 1970s, and as it is today, one of 528 branches operated by Sonepar in its home country, where the Group generates more than €2.33bn of revenue. 

NorthEast Electrical, USA

Eagle Electric was Sonepar's first acquisition in the United States. Sonepar acquired the company in 1998 and Eagle soon became part of Sonepar's NorthEast Electrical (NEED) Division. Eagle had a history stretching back to the 1920s. Here you see an image of Eagle associates in 1993 and another taken in August 2019. Seventeen of the associates from the original picture are still with the Group today. 

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