Watch Sonepar Chief Digital Enterprise Officer Jérémie Profeta talk about the growing impact of digital on our business. 


Looking back on our first 50 years, it’s clear the pace of change has never been so rapid as it is now. Digital has turned everything on its head – from entertainment to shopping to communications. But it’s not just B2C companies that need to seize the opportunities of the digital era – B2B companies like Sonepar must grasp it, too.

For many years, Sonepar pursued separate strategies for digital and physical sales. Customers could shop at our online stores or they could come by one of our brick-and-mortar operations. Both were convenient and well-tailored to our customers, but both were distinct and largely kept separate.

Now this is changing. Sonepar’s customers no longer stick to a simple, linear journey when purchasing. Rather, they expect an omnichannel experience – one that combines digital and physical touchpoints to offer them a fast, convenient and data-driven experience.

Sonepar Chief Digital Enterprise Officer Jérémie Profeta (left) with Sonepar CEO Philippe Delpech at a Sonepar Digital Sprint held in Boston earlier this year. 

A typical customer for Sonepar or one of our brands might begin their purchase by searching online, before consulting one of our apps on their mobile device, then reading or watching reviews by their peers, before either completing their purchase online or coming by a brick-and-mortar Sonepar location to chat to our expert associates and interact with our merchandise. This journey may involve the web, mobile, social media, email, phone and face-to-face interaction at a store – in any order.

At every stage in that journey, they expect relevant information, convenience and speed – this is the new normal for customer experience in the digital age.

Delivering this seamless experience to our customers is a major area of focus for innovation at Sonepar. Down the line, it offers us the potential to use customer data to optimize the experience further, delivering added convenience, tailored pricing, bespoke communications and other enhanced value.

Sonepar is committed to pioneering this technology in our industry, and providing ever-more innovative solutions to enhance the service we can provide to all. This is no digital gimmick. This is the experience we must provide to the new generation of customers who have grown up in the digital age.

That is the exciting digital path that lies ahead – and one that will lay the groundwork for another 50 years of innovation and growth.

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