Sonepar's brands across the world occupy offices, branches and distribution centers large and small. Over the years they've grown and expanded along with the Sonepar family. Check out these images of our sites in the past and present. Move the slider in the middle of each image to juxtapose the past (left) and the present (right). 


Comptoir Lyonnais d'Electricité, France

Comptoir Lyonnais d'Electricité was one of the first companies acquired by Sonepar, all the way back in 1972, just three years into our 50 year history. This site, at 22 Rue de La Paix, in Echirolles, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France, can be seen as it was in the 1980s, on the left, and as it is today on the right. 

Sonepar Deutschland, Germany

One of Sonepar Deutschland's sites in Niederlassung, Leipzig, in 1992 (left) and present day (right). Back in 1992, it was still under the Dittha branding, before all the German Sonepar brands were brought together under the name Sonepar Deutschland. Today, Sonepar maintains 225 branches in Germany and Luxembourg, with a combined revenue of €2.8bn. 

Sonepar in Poland

These shots of a warehouse in one of Sonepar's Polish distribution centers show the development of facilities at the site between early 2000s (left) and today (right). Sonepar expanded into Poland in 1994. Today, it holds second place in the local market and maintains 40 branches with a combined revenue of €146 million.

Sonepar Ibérica, Spain

These contrasting shots show just how much the technology, size and sophistication of the Sonepar office in Guerin, Spain, has advanced from 1980s (left) to the present day, on the right. Over the past 20 years, Sonepar has pursued an active acquisition strategy in Spain, growing to be the current market leaders there, and operating a network of 120 branches, collectively generating more than €456 million in 2018. 

CGED, France

A branch of CGED in France as it was in the 2000s and present day. CGED is one of Sonepar's major French brands, with 172 branches across the country employing around 1,600 associates. 

Winterhalter + Fenner AG, Switzerland

The St. Gall branch of Swiss subsidiary Winterhalter + Fenner AG in 1999 (left) and present day (right). Sonepar's Swiss operations generate a revenue for the Group of €262 million today, through a network of 13 local branches. 

DW, Brazil

The DW distribution center in Brazil, in the late 1990s (left), and present day (right). Currently, Sonepar is the market leader in electrical distribution and solutions in Brazil, where we have a network of 72 branches operating under a number of brands, including DW. 

Sonepar Deutschland, Germany

Another before/after picture from Sonepar Deutschland, this time the old Atlanta distribution center in Niederlassung Berlin Tempelhof as it was in 1999 (left), and the same location today. 

Sonepar Italia, Italy

This is one of Sonepar's branches in Treviglio, in Lombardy, northern Italy, in 2008 (on the left), and present day. Nowadays, Sonepar in Italy operates through a network of more than 150 branches and generates revenue of over €1.1 bn a year. 

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