Eletronor operates delivering innovations and new industrial tendencies since 1995.
Automation, electrical supplies, collaborative robots, network infrastructure, electric panels and PPEs are our specialty.
Due to a solid relationship with customers built toward years, Eletronor has the experience to propose the best-fit solution in automation and industrial installations providing to customers and commercial partners a qualified team able to help building the best solutions for their projects.

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Eletronor - Caxias do Sul - RS

Rua Gaston Luis Benetti, 651
95112-483 Caxias do Sul
tel: 54 3220.3800
Monday - Friday: 08:00am -06:00pm

Eletronor - Canoas - RS

Rua José do Patrocínio, 239 Niterói,
92120-080 Canoas
tel: 51 3314.8000
Monday - Friday: 08:00am -06:00pm

Eletronor - Curitiba - PR

BR 116, 17.000
81690-300 Curitiba
tel: 41 3217.1900
Monday - Friday: 08:00am -06:00pm