As a supplier of end-to-end value-added electrical products and related services, Hite Electric has developed a sales network covering all major Chinese industrial cities, providing customers with electrical automation products across the main areas of the country. Through long-term and stable partnerships with world-famous industrial control product manufacturers, Hite Electric provides cost-effective software and hardware products and services, ranging from testing and executive elements on the bottom layer to PLC, DCS and intelligent meters on the basic control layer and industrial network products, monitoring software and medium- and low-voltage power distribution for factory automation. Hite Electric offers a comprehensive one-stop service in procurement, spare parts management and services.
At Hive Electric, we are customer-centric, devoted to making our customers’ work easier and more efficient. As an end-to-end supplier of electrical products, we strive to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, seeking to maximise value for customers through specialised order, inventory and delivery management and technical support, while minimising lead times for spare parts and reducing inventories. This improves operational efficiency for our customers and enhances our competitiveness.

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