Sonepar is organized as a network of operating companies.

A decentralized Group with autonomous local entities

Our Group is made up of 170 local brands worldwide. Every one of our subsidiaries is autonomous and responsible for its own markets. We encourage our operating companies to innovate and their managers to keep their entrepreneurial spirit alive. That decentralized approach allows us to move faster and more effectively than our competitors.

Our Operating Companies

Efficient control procedures

Internal control is an essential component of Sonepar’s operations.  Our Group applies international standards in order to be “La Référence”—the benchmark company—in this area as well. We have therefore adopted strict compliance procedures.

Our Internal Audit staff evaluates our risk management, reporting, control and government processes. Their methodology incorporates the anti-corruption provisions set out in France’s Sapin II Act.

Every five years, the Group-wide Internal Audit Department is evaluated in turn by an independent outside entity.

Our structure

Sonepar Group Leadership

Sonepar Executive Committee