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Sonepar Group lance son nouveau Code de Conduite (en anglais)


The document is the basis of the Compliance program and highlights its ethical standards.

Sonepar has a global Compliance program, periodically reviewed and improved in order to guarantee effective compliance actions, based on strong values, such as respect and integrity.

As one of the actions of the program, the Group launched a new Code of Conduct, already available for access by all employees, suppliers and customers.

This Code of Conduct is the basis and reference for compliance within the Sonepar Group, which establishes the principles and rules of good conduct and which guides all of Sonepar's actions and businesses every day and everywhere.

Giuliano Antunes, leader of the implementation of the Compliance program at Sonepar Brasil, explains that the new Code of Conduct is more robust than the previous one. “With this update, the Group's suppliers and customers will have even more security when doing business with an honest partner, who acts ethically, in accordance with the legislation and best market practices”, he says.

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