We are Sonepar, we think long term while making an impact today. We cultivate a growth mindset. We are a family business with hundreds of shareholders. We’re the market leader in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. And we’re a decentralized organization empowering local initiatives. We’re all of that and much more.

We believe in:

Our mission

Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier by:

We may not be well known yet. But we’re Sonepar, the global market leader in the B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and services.

We’re #1 in over ten countries. #2 or #3 in over 15 other countries.

Our Group operates at the heart of a global market — with major potential for expansion. There is an increasingly broad range of applications for electrical equipment and product technology is evolving with a growing need for new services.

Our strategic plan

Sonepar’s Strategic Plan, “Impact”, aims at accelerating the growth of the Group over the next decade.

It is based on four pillars, on top of ethics and compliance:

Our leadership model

At Sonepar, we believe that we all have a role to play to contribute to the success of the organization: it’s about leadership. And we can all, each in our own way, in our own position, show leadership. The leadership behaviors expected from all associates are at the heart of our mindset: adapt, dare and learn:

  • Adapt - to new situations and people by choosing the right approach and skillset.
  • Dare - to appropriately challenge the status quo as needed.
  • Learn - from everyone, everywhere. From others and from our own mistakes to constantly grow and improve.

This mindset enables us to carry out our work, our missions and deliver performance, regardless of our area of responsibility.

Our shareholders

Sonepar’s family shareholders work to ensure socially responsible growth for the Group.

They account for about 90% of total shares, with the remaining 10% being some of our associates. This is what makes us independent. This is what allows us to think long term. This is what makes us resilient.

They play an active part in the annual meetings, as well as on the boards of directors of our brands. They have fostered mutual trust and are helping make Sonepar values a reality.



Our values

Our beliefs and behaviour are founded on strong values. They drive our mission as a business. Every day, we make our customers’ lives easier by providing products, logistics and solutions to construction companies, other industries and utility organizations across the world. Our customer-centric approach leads to tailor-made solutions. Our attitude is always the same.

  • Customer centric 
  • Committed to People and the Planet
  • Lead by example
  • The will to dare

Our local brands

As a decentralized organization, we empower local initiatives.

A balance between local initiative and global operations underlies our business growth.

Innovations and best practices that come from our brands can benefit to the Group.