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Supply Chain Modernization

The Best Supply Chain In The Industry

Sonepar is building the best Supply Chain in the industry.

We are investing more than €2.5Bn in automating our Supply Chain and a further €1Bn in our global digital platform in order to deliver perfect orders to our customers, day after day, while reducing our environmental impact.

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Delivering The Perfect Order

Sonepar is committed to offering our customers the broadest assortment of products in the market, with latest cut-offs, customized solutions and services, along with the fastest delivery service in order to deliver the perfect order.

Depending on the country, we offer our customers up to 100,000 products. Any of these can be delivered from our central warehouses or branches to your required location.

From custom delivery timing and locations to click and collect, our logistic teams aim to get you what you want, when and where you need it.

We can also arrange for secured containers, kitting, and other specific delivery needs – our teams will help find the best solutions for you.

Our Supply Chain’s Transformation

The Group now counts 25 automated distribution centers in total and is working towards 60 by 2027. In total, Sonepar counts 180 distribution centers in 2023, and there will be 200 by 2026.

Sonepar is investing massively in automating its supply chain with state-of-the-art technologies, systems, and robotics. In 2023, ten automation projects went live throughout the world, representing a €450M investment:


Reducing our Environmental Impact

Sonepar's investments in technology and data not only help us to plan, prepare, and deliver perfect orders, they also provide us with insights on how to create a safer and better work environment, eliminate waste, and reduce our CO2 and environmental impact - from suppliers to customer delivery.

Whether it’s LEDs, photovoltaics, reusable packaging and totes, automated packaging sizing or dedicated electric transport, we are committed to sustainable operations.

This commitment is recognized through Leed, BREEAM-excellent, Ecovadis and ISO certifications received throughout the Group.

As part of its Purpose, by 2028 Sonepar intends to use 100% of packaging coming from recycled materials and to recycle 100% of products returned to us by customers.  


In 2023, Cebeo, a Sonepar Company, inaugurated its new state-of-the art automated distribution center in Blandain, Belgium. The 42,000m2 facility with a 50,000 product- capacity displays ever-higher levels of warehouse and cable automation. The logistics center obtained the BREEAM-excellent certification, one of the highest sustainability ratings. It relies on solar energy with 7000 solar panels and a water recovery and reuse system. All deliveries are made using reusable totes made of 100% recycled plastic, with no cardboard use.


In 2024, Sonepar Italia inaugurated its newest distribution center in Padua. The impressive logistics hub is the result of an investment of more than €50 million and is among the most advanced in Europe in its sector in terms of implemented technology and size (90,000m2). It will serve more than 4,000 customers a day in Northern and Central Italy with deliveries within 24 hours, more than 55,000 items handled, 124 robots for storing and ordering small parts, automated shuttles and robot stacker cranes that feed automatic cable cutting machines, ergonomic boxing, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.

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Products and solutions

Our offer covers a wide range of specialties in the B2B distribution of cutting-edge electrical products and solutions.



We maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers, based on the shared aim of creating value for the industry.


We make life easier for our customers by anticipating and responding swiftly to their needs.



We've been involved in some major projects, from renovations of national monuments to the construction of new hospitals, schools.


As your partner, we offer you the benefit of our deep expertise so that you can focus on your projects.