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Leading The Energy Transition

Today, Sonepar is the world number one in sales of energy-efficient products. We are one of the leading pioneers of the energy transition, making sustainability a priority.


The challenge we are facing 

Humanity is at a turning point and the way we treat our planet must change. Global warming and waste are two of the most critical challenges our world faces today. We need to make radical changes to how we create and use the energy and resources that power our industries, our cities, our homes, and our world. 

What’s the opportunity ahead of us? 

There is hope, because a transformation is underway: away from polluting fossil fuels, and toward clean and infinitely available electric energy. Away from a system based on wasteful consumption, and toward a circular economy of recycling and reuse. 


Our mission in



Why we’re uniquely placed to make a difference? 

At Sonepar, we can help accelerate these changes. Our business is at the very heart of the electrical ecosystem, and we control our destiny – our family of shareholders strongly support Sonepar standing up and playing its part in the energy transition. As a result, we can act with confidence and decisively. 

We want to create a ripple effect – where the actions we take on sustainability multiply outwards, resulting in a wider and wider impact on the world. Our guiding principles are to: 

  • Embed our sustainability strategy within our corporate strategy.

  • Align our efforts with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Focus on behavioral change as well as achieving targets.


What does a sustainable future look like, and how is Sonepar going to be a part of it?

What is our vision & strategy?

Electricity is the clean energy of the future and our vision is to become the world’s leading electrical distributor, accelerating the market’s adoption of clean energy solutions and global net zero emissions. 

Our strategy is to leverage our unique position in the value chain by engaging our 45,000 associates, world leading electrical manufacturers, and our customers – who represent the world’s largest community of electrical experts and industrial customers. 

We will nurture and champion innovation from our suppliers, encouraging them to develop more sustainable offers, services, and solutions. We will also act as a bridge to our customers to accelerate adoption and create a better ecosystem. 


Sonepar's Green Offer

In 2022, Sonepar has launched the pilot phase of its Green Offer to allow its customers - installers, industry and infrastructures - to purchase products based on a sustainability rating, enabling them to lower their carbon footprint and that of the end user.

This development prioritizes most sustainable solutions per product. With the Green Offer, Sonepar help customers make sustainable choices to master their carbon footprint.

Sonepar’s Green Offer involves a rigorous, comparable, and independently verified methodology that rates individual products the group distributes according to their whole life CO2 emissions.

And we’re already having an impact


Energy Transition Academy worldwide e-learning modules available to all our associates.


Country initiatives accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ISO 14064

Group Carbon footprint calculation according to GHG protocol and ISO 14064 standard.


World leader in energy efficiency products and solutions with over €3bn in sales to industry and buildings.


Leader in renewables with sales of more than €500m every year.


Sonepar is committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and is working on reducing its carbon footprint inline with the 1.5°C trajectory set by SBTI.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Read our CSR report based on the Sonepar Group’s long-term strategy.


Sustainability in action

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Interactive map

Open our map to discover Sonepar's sustainability initiatives at a local level around the world.


Sonepar is committed to very high ethical, social, and environmental standards. 



Sonepar is an independent family-owned company with global market leadership in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services.