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Creating Value, Together

We maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers, based on the shared aim of creating value for the industry.

We showcase their products and help them connect with their markets. On technically demanding projects, the quality of the three-way relationship between the customer, Sonepar, and the supplier is a crucial factor – both in the initial choice of engineering solutions, as well as the deployment and installation that follow. 

Our suppliers

World-Class Manufacturers


Sourcing Best-In-Class Products 

Through a strong focus on quality, compliance with standards, and efficient engineering, we source and distribute best-in-class products and solutions to meet all your day-to-day needs. 

Driving Innovation 

We do this by carefully selecting our suppliers, and building long-term relationships with them, on the basis of their ability to innovate, recommend appropriate products, and continuously improve. 

Meeting Local Needs 

To ensure we can meet your exact needs, each of our distributing brands makes a point of identifying and partnering with the most relevant local suppliers. 

Ensuring Manufacturers Succeed

We work closely with our suppliers to promote their brands and innovations in all our markets. As a manufacturer, when you choose to work with Sonepar, you do so in the confidence that your products will be widely distributed by industry experts.  


Helping Suppliers Access Large-Scale Projects 

By drawing on its logistics expertise and a deep understanding of customers and their needs, Sonepar enables suppliers to take on large-scale projects. Our technical experts support you at all stages, by making relevant recommendations and suggesting end-to-end solutions. 

Getting Innovations to Market Fast 

Sonepar showcases our suppliers' products by helping them train installers, playing a strong part in raising overall skill levels in our industry. 

A Global Partner with a Local Focus 

All our partnerships begin locally, stemming from our branches’ strong focus on serving local customers. But we can also index suppliers at a global level. Sonepar’s worldwide footprint means that suppliers who are globally indexed have the opportunity to offer their products in countries where they’re not yet established. 


Committed to Serving Suppliers

Sonepar International Services (SIS) is dedicated to helping suppliers succeed, providing a broad range of carefully tailored services such as market research, long-term marketing support, performance indicators.

Partnering with Suppliers



Our combined focus on best-in-class products, innovative suppliers, and the entire supply chain, enables customers to deliver ambitious projects. 

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Products and solutions

Our offer covers a wide range of specialties in the B2B distribution of cutting-edge electrical products and solutions.

Supply Chain

Sonepar is committed to offering our customers the broadest assortment of products with the highest levels of agility and customization for delivering the perfect order.



We make life easier for our customers by anticipating and responding swiftly to their needs.


Our customers operate in three major end markets: industry, building and energy.



We've been involved in some major projects, from renovations of national monuments to the construction of new hospitals, schools.


As your partner, we offer you the benefit of our deep expertise so that you can focus on your projects.