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Green Offer

A World Premiere

Launched in 2022, Sonepar’s Green Offer is a world premiere: it is the first indicator in the industry to compare environmental performance at product level. Available on our webshops at first, the Green Offer is progressively being rolled out physically in branches in our key markets worldwide.

Based on an independently verified methodology, the Green Offer rates individual products according to their whole life CO2 emissions.

As of 2024, the Green Offer is live in Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

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Helping our Customers to Make Sustainable Choices

The Green Offer enables our customers - installers, industry and infrastructures - to purchase products based on a sustainability rating, allowing them to lower their carbon footprint and that of the end user.

When buying online, customers can view products filtered by their carbon footprint – they can compare and select the most sustainable ones using a rating A, B or C which stand for Best, Better, or Good.

Sonepar’s Green Offer is fully integrated into the Group digital transformation with the close involvement of Sonepar Digital Factory, allowing for the ratings to be displayed on Sonepar’s webshops.

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Promoting our suppliers’ innovations

With the Green Offer Sonepar aims to promote our suppliers' most sustainable innovations, to bring further transparency to our product offer and help reduce our impact on the planet.

Close collaboration with our suppliers is key, as they provide us with verified environmental data about their products, thanks to Life Cycle Assessments which allows us to compare and rate each product.

Read more below about how Sonepar is partnering with its key suppliers to champion the innovation of sustainable solutions on the market.

A Reliable Methodology

The Green Offer is based on Sonepar’s own rigorously developed methodology, which received a certificate of conformity from Bureau Veritas.

The suppliers share their environmental data with Sonepar which ensures data is complete for all steps in the life cycle, including those after manufacturing: transport and distribution, usage during service life, and disposal at the end of life.

Sonepar then applies its methodology to get a more accurate, homogenous and comparable calculation of CO2 for the product over its whole life cycle. The figure is then converted into a rating.

The Sustainability Chat

Tanguy Griffon, Vice President Sustainability & Energy Transition answers the most frequently asked questions about the Green Offer.

What is the Green Offer, how can it help customers?

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Why should suppliers join Sonepar's Green Offer?

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What does Sonepar expect from its suppliers who join the Green Offer?

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If you had only one request to Sonepar suppliers, which one would it be?

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