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The Right Place at The Right Time

Our offer covers a wide range of specialties in the B2B distribution of cutting-edge electrical products, services, and solutions. From the vast range offered by manufacturers, we carefully select the products and technical solutions best suited to your needs. Depending on the country, we can deliver up to 100,000 products straight to you in the right place, at the right time. 

Product Ranges


Power Distribution

Our comprehensive range covers everything needed for efficient power distribution. From low, medium, to high voltage electrical distribution components, enclosures, and panel assemblies. Additionally, with a focus on organization and efficiency, our cable management solutions ensure that cables are neatly routed and protected, minimizing the risk of damage or downtime.

  • Cable management
  • Enclosures and panel assembly
  • Electrical distribution (low, medium and high voltage)

ICA (Industrial control & Automation)

We offer our industrial customers the latest, cutting-edge industrial control and automation systems and solutions, contributing to improved productivity, quality and safety.

  • Automation & Control 
  • Motion Control & Drives 
  • Relay & Interface 
  • Auxiliary Control devices 
  • Industrial Detection, Vision, Measure, and Control
  • Machine safety
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic devices 
  • Robotic Products
  • Industrial Services (in the areas of trainings, audits, consulting, engineering, asset management and software)

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Our HVAC solutions cater to comfort and climate control needs in various environments. From latest advances technologies such as Heat Pumps, to Sanitary Hot Water, Air Conditioning and Ventilation, we provide reliable solutions for maintaining comfort and air quality while optimizing energy consumption.

  • Heating & Heat Pumps
  • Sanitary Hot Water Production
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation

Renewable Energy

Embracing sustainable practices, we offer a range of renewable energy solutions. From solar panels, inverters, solar mounting racks, energy storage systems to EV charging hardware and software solutions. We empower our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace cleaner, more efficient energy alternatives.

  • Energy storage

  • E-Mobility

  • Solar panels


Cables and Wires

Our broad selection of cables and wires ensures reliable connectivity across various applications. From low voltage cables for domestic use to specialized datacom cables and medium to high voltage cables for electric power transmission, we provide solutions that prioritize performance and safety.

  • Low voltage cables
  • Datacom and specialty cables
  • Medium and high voltage cables


Illuminate spaces with our diverse range of lighting solutions. From lamps and lighting fixtures to accessories and controls, we offer options for both functional and aesthetic lighting needs, enhancing safety, productivity, ambiance, and energy saving.

  • Lamps
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Lighting Management Systems

Building Automation and Construction

We provide essential smart building solutions for modern projects, including home and building automation, wiring devices, data networks, fire protection, and security.

Our building automation devices enable buildings to become smart, safe, and efficient while wiring devices ensure reliable internal electrical LV systems. We prioritize fire protection and physical security, ensuring comfort and secure environments for occupants and assets together with data networks being indispensable part of secure communication.

  • Home & Building Automation
  • Data and Comm Networks
  • Fire Protection and Security
  • Wiring devices and Accessories

Safety, Tools, and Engineering Supplies

We offer safety equipment and tools, along with a variety of engineering supplies. From essential safety gear to high-quality tools and engineering materials, we provide practical solutions for various needs.

  • Safety equipment
  • Tools & other engineering supplies


We cater to diverse specialties, including household and consumer electronics, as well as sanitary products. Whether it's electronics for home use or sanitary essentials, our range meets the requirements of different applications.

  • Household and consumer electronics
  • Sanitary

Sonepar's Exclusive Brands



TRADEFORCE provides tools and safety equipment exclusively for professionals.

With high-quality, reliable tools and safety equipment for professionals, TRADEFORCE is here to be your trusted partner through the adventure of being a professional contractor.

LIT by Cardi

LIT by Cardi provides fully customizable solutions that enable building owners and operators worldwide to create the optimal environment for their end users.

Our professional lighting products are based on over four decades of experience in bringing light into parts of the world which need it most.


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We maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers, based on the shared aim of creating value for the industry.

Supply Chain

Sonepar is committed to offering our customers the broadest assortment of products with the highest levels of agility and customization for delivering the perfect order.



We make life easier for our customers by anticipating and responding swiftly to their needs.


Our customers operate in three major end markets: industry, building and energy.



We've been involved in some major projects, from renovations of national monuments to the construction of new hospitals, schools.


As your partner, we offer you the benefit of our deep expertise so that you can focus on your projects.